At the age of 3, Justin Michael was sat down before a piano by his mother. Twenty plus years later, Justin finds himself exactly where he wants to be: happily stuck in the Hermosa Recordings studio creating hooks, rhythms, and melodies to share with house music lovers worldwide.

As a teenager in the 90’s, Justin found himself mixed in with the Electronic Dance Music scene of the legendary L.A. Underground. Once turned 16, Justin was hooked with the music and began spinning records under the moniker DJ WEDOE. Old school ‘scenesters’ can recall the early days when Techno was the foundation - before Trance, Drum & Bass, and House were on the mainstream menu.

As it was meant to be, Justin began with the early forms of dance music. The evolution of our times and the maturation of the musician led way to House, where Justin found his home and settled into the groove.

Like a painter needs an eye, the DJ and Producer need an ‘ear’ for music. Skilled in basic instrumentation and music theory, Justin excels through his natural gift of craft.

More than a decade has passed since Justin first stood behind the decks. Today, renowned for his immaculate mixing skills and ability to fill the dance floors, Justin has set focus on his future: Producing.

Inspired by mentors and close friends Alex Marlowe, Leo Nine, Pablo Munguia, Jay-J, and Kaskade, Justin Michael teamed up with long time best friend and fellow DJ/Producer Darwin Paul.

Tutored by the platinum producer himself, Alex Marlowe, Justin was introduced to professional production tools that strengthened his skills. Leo Nine, ‘Global Underground’ producer and employee of the famed ‘This Is Music’ record store in Hollywood., was like an older brother to Justin, guiding him carefully during the earliest of days.
These influential men helped guide the young Justin to his destiny as an artist.

Following the example of house music icons Jay-J and Kaskade, Justin Michael continues to tour and expand with the music. Recalling his days as an eager newbie, Justin thanks the likes of Jay-J for taking him under his wing at the famed Moulton Studios, where Justin was taught mixing and mastering techniques from the master himself.

The support of Kaskade, who happily includes Justin Michael’s tracks in his sets, and Ben Clark @ Swank/Kinkysweet, who recently commissioned Justin for the latest ‘Habitat’ series, serve as continued motivation for Justin to chase his ultimate dream.

In art, every great talent can credit success to the support of great friends. For Justin Michael that credit is given to his partner- in-music, Darwin Paul. When the two teamed up years past, their mission was made clear: let there be house! Like a sweet blending of two tracks matching to make ‘one’ in the mix, so have the heartbeats of Justin & Darwin matched to create the building blocks for the
future: Hermosa Recordings.

When asked recently about the label and his upcoming endeavors, Justin Michael said “I want to be able to support myself and enjoy myself through music. Regardless of what I’ve learned, I have my music as my passion. I want to take on all aspects of the music industry – not stopping with House.”

Undoubtedly, the road walked by the brave and creative individual is one of uncertainty and struggle, but the course of time has proven ‘courage’ to be the determining factor for an artist’s success – Justin Michael’s courage is evident.

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