Arnaud D from Lyon, France has been involved in EDM for over 11 years.
At 15 he started mixing in clubs ( Paradiso, Fridge, Imprevu).
In 2001 began to produce deep and soulful house music.
Influenced by DJ/Producers such as Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler, Quentin Harris and Franck Roger.
Soon after in 2003 he started to work with his cousin (GRAND Frederic) on a number of projects on label
(Queep, Open Bar Music, Ospina, Next Dimension). They worked with Mr. V singers "Miss Patty"Jessy Colasante","Robina Pearson".
In just a few years they gained certain notoriety.
In 2007 Arnaud signed his first solo EP called 'no limit' with UNIFIED records with support from:
Abicah Soul, Kemal, Yass, DJ Fudge and Sumo. After one other track called Arnaud D feat ama “mi amor” in FUNK LA PLANET records,
for started 2008 1 single with CHEZ music ,4 with M.O.D recordings and many other realisation
(BLACKSOULmusic ,MUSIC PLAN rec, STUPENDOUS rec...) do not forget celebrates label GKF RECORDS.

Lastly I would like thanked the lovers of house music, the DJs/producers who has helped me has advanced.



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